Attorney Reviews

“We are very satisfied with how well the process was organized. Mr. Hicks’ personality is a good fit with us. All of our questions were clearly answered.”
Betty S.

“I know that we really needed to redo our wills and I received information in the mail concerning your workshops. Everybody has been really nice and professional, making the experience pleasant and informative.”
Sandra F.

“Your workshop was very informative. I particularly liked the use of a family situation explaining how things work. We have been pleased with your help preparing the documents. Thank you.”
Janet N.

“Everything was explained to us so we could understand it clearly. Questions were answered to our satisfaction. We never felt rushed.”
Lee R.

“I am thankful my affairs are finally in order. Everything was made easy and very understandable. It was a pleasant experience for my husband and myself.”
Sharon W.

“Very knowledgeable. Helpful for sure. I appreciate his patience with our variety of questions. Mr. Hicks was very thorough with explanations without being long and drawn out.”
Vicki H.

“The process was very thorough and streamlined. We especially liked the DVD presentation and with everything in a single binder it should be easy for our loved ones to handle our affairs when that time comes.”
Mike B.

“We found the staff to be friendly, helpful, professional and informative. The information was presented in an easy to understand format.”
Annette T.

“We are very happy that we received your invitation and making us aware of the difference will/trust. You were precise, courteous and we are feeling much at ease that we finally have our trust recorded. Thank you!”
Dannie B.

“Thank you for the card in the mail that started this process. These meetings changed my opinion of some lawyers.”
Ron N.

“We are well-pleased with the services you have provided. They are well “thought out” and logically presented with extremely helpful organization.”

“Very thorough. Very informative seminar that we enjoyed learning from – we feel very satisfied that we have the best possible legal ways to help our family. We thank you!”


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